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Medusa et Libyen United International s'associent pour faire atterrir un câble en Libye

novembre 8, 2023

Tripoli, 8 November 2023. Libyan United International for Telecommunication and Technology (LUIC), a leading data service provider in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, and Medusa Submarine Cable System, a neutral and independent Mediterranean submarine infrastructure operator, have signed an agreement to extend Medusa to the Libyan coast. The submarine cable, which is 8,760km long, will have two landing points in Libya, connecting the coastal cities of Tripoli and Benghazi.

The Libyan branches of the Medusa cable is a very significant milestone for the project, as it strengthens the connection between North African countries and, consequently, their connection with Southern Europe. With this new agreement, Medusa will connect 11 countries through its landing points in Portugal, Morocco, Spain, France, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, and now Libya.

The CEOs of the companies signed the agreement this week in Tripoli: Mr. Ibrahem Rahab of Libyan United International for Telecommunication and Technology (LUIC) and Normand Albi of Medusa and AFR-IX telecom.

Albi highlighted the importance of Medusa’s landing in Libya for the Mediterranean region:

Medusa was born with the goal of being the most important cable in the Mediterranean and, to achieve that, it must have a solid structure on both shores. That is why it has always been essential to connect all the countries of North Africa. We are convinced that Medusa will mark a positive turning point for Libya’s connectivity, and this will have an impact on the region’s economy.

Norman Albi, Managing Director at Medusa and AFR-IX telecom


Mr. Ibrahem Rahab, the CEO of Libyan United International Company for Telecommunication and Technology (LUIC), stated:

The company is working on developing and connecting Libya to the world by enhancing the connectivity and achieving geographic diversity of the international submarine cables infrastructure level. He said that this would be done by establishing new landing stations, new routes for crossing subsea cables, using state-of-the-art technology and digital innovation to benefit the country’s socio-economic development.
Mr. Ibrahem Rahab, Managing Director at LUIC
Medusa’s landing at Libya’s coast by the end of 2025 will be a remarkable achievement for the submarine cable system, which has segments housing up to 24 fibre pairs capable of transmitting 20 Tbit/s per fibre pair. Libya has 13 cable landing stations along the country’s north coast, but only four subsea cables connect them.



The installation of the Medusa submarine cable system in Libya is crucial, as it will significantly improve the country’s connectivity and communication infrastructure, which will foster economic development and regional integration. Moreover, it will strengthen Libya’s ties with neighbouring North African and Southern European countries, facilitating increased cooperation and information exchange.

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