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About Medusa

Medusa Submarine Cable System is the submarine fibre optic system connecting the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and the Red Sea, creating a new corridor  and enabling the regional development of the information society and its actors.
Medusa is ready for service in 2025 for the West Mediterranean and in 2026 for the East Mediterranean.
Medusa operates in two main regions: Europe and North Africa.
In Europe, Medusa has local operational branches in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. These branches hold licenses and permits.

The Network Operations Center is based in Europe. In North Africa, Medusa has agreements with local licensed operators for landing parties.

The new Generation Cable.

A new generation system (“Open Cable”) neutral and independent.
Medusa submarine cable system responds to the current challenges of submarine connections

Open Access & Cable

Submarine System

Resilience and low latency

Creating efficient network routes


For future demand increase


Norman Albi


Miguel Angel Acero


Damien Bertrand


John Paul Bagiire

VP Middle East

Louis Carver


Javier Salvador


Eduardo Parellada

Subsea Cable Installation

Ali Ouhanna


Manuel Santamaria

Project Manager

Adrine Hakobian

Project and Contract Manager

Nicolás Oyonarte

Legal Manager

Carla Martí

Legal Manager

Isabel Castillo


Andrea Guinó

Marketing & Communications Manager

Gerard Estanyol

Civil Works Manager

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