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Milestones & Achievements

Trace Medusa’s journey through our interactive timeline, highlighting key milestones that define our innovation and expansion in the submarine cable industry.


Medusa was born

  • Medusa Submarine Cable System was born in Barcelona, promoted by AFR-IX telecom
  • Medusa vendor RFQ was issued
  • PiPs granted for Barcelona landing
  • Desktop Study report


PiPs submitted

  • Best and final offer received from vendors.
  • Various European PiPs submitted


First agreements with global partners

  • Agreement with ASN for the construction of Medusa
  • Agreement with Telecom Egypt to be the landing party in Egypt.
  • Agreement with Altice Portugal (MEO) for the landing at Carcavelos (Lisbon)
  • Construction of the HDD and BMH in Marseille
  • Agreement with Orange Maroc to host Medusa in Nador
  • The EU reaffirms confidenace in Medusa with a grant for the project ATMED – DG of AFR-IX telecom
  • Start the desktop study by AFR-IX telecom


Contract in force

  • Supply contract for Medusa Submarine Cable System Comes Into Force
  • The EU reaffirms confidence in Medusa with 2 grants to AFR-IX telecom for the projects ATMED EAST – DG and ATMED Nador
  • Agreement with Orange Tunisie to host Medusa in Bizerte
  • Agreement with LUIC to land in Tripoli and Benghazi
  • Agreement with Telecom Egypt to arrive to the Red Sea


Marine Survey and Cable Route Engineering

  • Start of work on the Route Preparation
  • Technical and environmental studies completion
  • Cable Route Engineering
  • Marine survey completion
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