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About Medusa

The new Submarine Cable System

Medusa Submarine Cable System is a submarine fibre optic system connecting the Atlantic sea with the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, creating a new corridor from Asia to the Atlantic and enabling the regional development of the information society and its actors. Medusa SCS is ready for the service in 2025 connecting Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco and Algeria and in 2026 connecting to Tunisia, Greece, Libya, Cyprus and Egypt. Medusa is organized through:
  • Europe: Local operational subsidiaries in Ireland (HQ), Portugal, Spain, France, Italy & Greece as Holders of Licences & PiPs + Owners of local Submarine assets.
  • North Africa: Landing party Agreements with local operators.
Medusa's NOC is located in Europe.

A new Generation Cable

A new generation system (“Open Cable”) neutral and independent and, as such, the Medusa submarine cable system responds to the current challenges of submarine connections:

  • Resilience and low latency: establishing new routes to new landing points or data centres and creating new fibre routes to reduce latencies in existing networks.
  • Capacity proof: providing a future-proof infrastructure that will cope with the annual bandwidth growth thanks to high count of fibre pairs.
  • Open Access: promoting open access to all landing stations.

Supporting Medusa

Medusa is owned by Infrastructure and Telecom Operator AFR-IX telecom. AFR-IX telecom is a private European capital company.

AFR-IX telecom is a licensed telecommunication operator in Portugal, USA, and in multiple African countries as South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, DRC, Mali, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Niger and Cameroon and has the most reliable and largest Metro Ethernet Pan African Network and offers a global coverage services in Africa.

Other interested partners

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is interested to partially finance Medusa Submarine Cable System.
The project is under appraisal.

Check it here! Medusa is a project to be financed