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Inwi is on board of Medusa

January 29, 2024

Global telecom operator, inwi, announces the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Medusa Submarine Cable System to reinforce its trans-Mediterranean connectivity. This agreement focuses on the supply and operation of dedicated fiber optic links in the new Medusa Submarine Cable, the longest in the Mediterranean region.
Medusa spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, establishing a new link from Asia to the Atlantic. This infrastructure facilitates the regional development of the information society and its actors.

Connecting Morocco to Southern Europe, bridging Nador and Marseille, the cable addresses the ongoing growth in fixed and internet traffic. It provides diverse and secure connectivity paths for inwi’s individual and professional customers.

As a committed player for digital inclusion in Morocco, inwi actively contributes to strengthening the country’s economic attractiveness and digital sovereignty. This partnership with Medusa Submarine Cable System underscores inwi’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative and secure solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers, while contributing to the development of the Moroccan digital ecosystem.
Furthermore, through this investment, inwi participates in the implementation of the national strategy for digital transformation and sovereignty, aiming to position Morocco as a major technological hub in Africa.

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