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Orange Maroc welcomes Medusa

January 20, 2023

Orange Morocco concludes an agreement with Medusa Submarine Cable System to offer a secure interconnection solution between Europe and Morocco that is open and efficient to all interested operators.

Casablanca, 22th December, 2022. True to its position as a player committed to supporting the Kingdom’s digital transition, Orange Morocco has decided to invest in new submarine cable infrastructure in the Nador region to strengthen Morocco’s attractiveness as a gateway for digital exchanges in Africa. This new infrastructure will also strengthen the country’s digital sovereignty.

We are particularly pleased to host the Medusa cable within Orange Morocco’s infrastructure in Nador as part of a strategic and ambitious project. By combining our submarine cable landing stations with our new urban infrastructure, we are strengthening Morocco’s attractiveness as a digital gateway to Africa, while confirming Morocco’s digital sovereignty,


Medusa will arrive in Nador in 2025

With a length of 8,760 km, Medusa will be the first and longest submarine cable to link the main Mediterranean countries. Specifically, the system will link the two shores of the Mediterranean, starting in Lisbon and ending in the Egyptian city of Port Said, passing through various Mediterranean countries. It will have 16 landing points in western countries including Morocco, Spain, Algeria, France, Tunisia, Italy, Greece and Egypt.

As such, the project aims to address the current challenges of submarine connections, namely, establishing new routes to diversify and decongest data traffic, gaining capacity with more fibre per cable and promoting open access to all European landing stations. Indeed, Medusa is an open system with 16 landing points around the Mediterranean Sea. The cable will have segments offering up to 24 fibre pairs, and a capacity of 20 Tbps per fibre pair. This is significantly more than a previous generation cable, which had up to 12 pairs. The Medusa cable should reach Nador in 2025.

Orange has invested in new submarine cable infrastructures in Nador to reinforce Morocco’s attractiveness as a gateway for digital exchanges in Africa.

International connectivity is a real lever for achieving inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development. This project is therefore a major asset to contribute to the acceleration of the national digital transformation strategy aimed at making Morocco a hub for the continent.

As a major player in the global connectivity and submarine cable markets, Orange is one of the world’s leading telecom equipment manufacturers with expertise in both construction and installation. In this sense, Orange Morocco intends to continue to invest significantly in international connectivity projects to improve the quality of services offered to Moroccans.ç


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