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25 – 26 September

Digital Gateway between the Atlantic and the East Mediterranean – Medusa Cable – ATMED EAST DG

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11 998 513,70 €
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European Commission
Connecting Europe Facility
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Infrastructure Projects

This project sets out to address the pressing need for enhanced digital connectivity in the eastern Mediterranean, specifically targeting Greece and Cyprus.

The primary focus is to overcome the inherent challenges faced by these islands due to their geographical isolation from terrestrial connectivity options. In this context, this project, based on technical studies to be completed within its scope, will deploy a single fibre pair cable to connect the East-European landing ports Heraklion in Crete (Greece) and Yeroskipou (Cyprus) to the landing point of Mazara del Vallo in Sicily (Italy), introducing open access smart cables that will allow potential customers to leverage the existing network infrastructure.

This initiative plans to increase network capacity tenfold to twentyfold, fostering point-to-point connectivity and substantially reducing maintenance requirements. The deployment of this submarine line is expected to deliver high-speed, high-quality, and low-latency connectivity to the countries involved in the project, with the potential to reshape their social, economic, and cultural landscapes.

Furthermore, the participating countries will become integral components of the broader Medusa Submarine Cable System, contributing significantly to the Mediterranean Data Gateway. This initiative positions Europe at the forefront of the global data framework.

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