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Orange Tunisia signs an agreement with Medusa Submarine Cable System to host the new submarine cable in Bizerte

May 11, 2023

Medusa will be the longest submarine cable system in the Mediterranean Sea and will connect eleven countries in North Africa and Southern Europe by 2024 and 2025

Orange Tunisia and Medusa Submarine Cable System, a neutral and independent submarine infrastructure operator in the Mediterranean, signed an agreement on Thursday 11 May to deploy a submarine cable linking Tunisia (Bizerte) to Europe, via France (Marseilles). This cable will be built in compliance with the latest international standards and rules and will benefit the socio-economic participants in Tunisia.

Designed using the latest submarine optical fibre technologies, it will also offer a new, very high-speed connectivity solution and will improve the security of the existing Internet connectivity.

Medusa will be the first, and longest, submarine cable to connect all of the countries in the Mediterranean. Specifically, the system will connect the two shores of the Mediterranean and travel from Lisbon to the Egyptian city of Port Said, passing various Mediterranean countries en route. It will have 16 landing points in different countries including Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Algeria, France, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Egypt.

At more than 8,000 km in length, this new infrastructure will provide diversity and an additional route made up of several pairs of fibres with a capacity of 20 terabits each in order to meet Tunisia’s growing connectivity needs. Implementation is scheduled for the end of 2025.

We are particularly pleased that Bizerte is hosting this new submarine cable, a strategic and ambitious project for Orange Tunisia which we are carrying out with our partner Medusa. It will eventually allow better accessibility to the Internet, making the digital world more inclusive and more focused on the fundamental needs of the Tunisian population and economy.
– Thierry Millet, CEO of Orange Tunisia
We are very proud to finalise this agreement with Orange Tunisia which will link the Medusa submarine cable to Bizerte and transform the northernmost region of the continent into a new gateway to Africa. Right from the start of this great project, we were committed to making Bizerte a major landing point, convinced that Orange Tunisia will develop this new infrastructure and promote its strategic location for the interconnection of Tunisia and beyond, from the continent. This new step demonstrates Medusa’s commitment to lead and to encourage the long-term development of essential infrastructure in this region of the continent.
– Norman Albi, CEO of Medusa Submarine Cable System

It should not be forgotten that Orange Tunisia previously set up the Didon cable in 2014, linking Tunisia to Europe, in partnership with the operator Ooredoo Tunisia.

With the investment in a second submarine cable, Orange Tunisia continues to work to improve the service quality of its network and thus support the country’s digital transformation, while also strengthening Tunisia’s attractiveness as a continental digital hub.

About Orange Tunisia

Orange Tunisia, the first convergent alternative operator in the country, has more than 1,000 employees serving more than 4 million customers throughout the territory. Thanks to both its know-how and its technological innovation, Orange Tunisia is aiming to become the leading operator in Tunisia, while maintaining balanced growth that creates value for everyone. In this strategic vision of shared growth, Orange Tunisia has decided to deploy a responsible, human and united operating approach by using technology and digital innovation to benefit the country’s socio-economic development.

About Medusa

Medusa is a private, independent and neutral submarine infrastructure operator in the Mediterranean region, based in Dublin (Ireland).
The Medusa Submarine Cable System is an undersea fibre optic system connecting the eastern and western Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean, creating a new corridor from Asia to the Atlantic, and enabling the development of the information society and its participants across the region. Digital connectivity will form the basis of the region’s economic development. By directly interconnecting Europe and Africa, Medusa will contribute to bridging the digital divide.

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